September 2019

Don Musacchio – Chair presented the agenda for the meeting at 7:00

  • Agenda
  • Pledge
  • Prayer
  • Police Report
  • Modifications to Cell Tower
  • Flyover Update
  • HRBT Update
  • Conservation Committee
  • Short Term Rentals
  • Committee Reports
  • Volunteers for Flea Market

Police Update
Officer Jobe provided the Police update. During the previous 30 days, there have been 7 incidents.

  • 1 commercial burglary
  • 2 larceny – auto break-ins
  • 4 larceny – home with known suspect

Upcoming Police events

  • Oct. 2 – 2:00 – 3:00          Coffee with a Cop @ Coaster Coffee
  • Oct. 8 – 6:30 PM               Open House @ 2nd precinct
  • Oct. 10 – 8:30 AM            Invitation only – contact Officer Jobe for details

Is commercial activity permitted at the boat ramp?  Officer Jobe will follow up with Harbor patrol and get back to the group. XO Lt. Brandy was introduced Information about the new city manager was shared – he is a doctor from ODU

How often are CROs pulled for Beach Patrol?  They are called when needed.  As staffing increases manpower will remain in the community.  It was also noted Investigator Deuel has successfully resolved a case.  His department will increase by 1.  This group has obtained 54 warrants for a group known to frequent 19th Bay area.

It was expressed we are thankful for bringing the neighborhood back to what we expect.  The police indicated they have a plan to keep it maintained.  Officer Tagert was introduced as a new CEO.

Cell Tower Modification
It was remain flag pole oriented.  The original plan presented by Lisa Murphy was presented to the architectural review board.  They suggested an additional 5 – 10” at the top.  Before and after pictures of the original plans and modifications were shared with the group. Board is recommending not opposing the cell tower with changes contingent on the owner maintaining the property.  It was discussed the city is responsible for the flag, but the owner is responsible for the maintenance. Motion was made and seconded to allow the cell tower with modifications.

School Board Update
Adele Martin shared she had visited schools the last two weeks and met with Principals.  She reminded the group to watch for children during their commute. It was shared a grant in the amount of $1.1M was received by Norfolk Technical Center and Maury High School from the National Restaurant Educational Foundation.  The grant will update the equipment and the program in general.  In addition, it will allow participation at the national level. NPS is also revisiting the CTE school which was presented originally approximately 10 years ago.  This will be a charter-style school with the private sector providing mentorships.  NPS and Workforce development have met to discuss the plan.

The 2020-2021 Budget request is upcoming.  Ms. Martin asked that any needs be shared with her. There was no change in accreditation for the NPS schools.  New focused strategies are being implemented this school year. The previous superintendent has resigned.  The acting superintendent is Dr. Sharon Byrdsong.  There is an on-going nationwide search for the next superintendent. In the 2020-2021 school year, the start times for students will change based on health research.  The times have not yet been determined.

Ms. Martin responded to questions regarding contention among the school board members.  She stated the elected school board is a huge organizational change and thus, when that occurs, conflict is natural.  She gave an example of the hiring practice for the new superintendent being transparent and open whereas in the past, that was not always the case.

Updates given by Mr. Musacchio –The Spectrum has begun looking for temporary housing for the workers

HRBT – the contractor, Army Corp of Engineers, Environmental Impact are working together at this time.  The egress and access has been worked out. Small, women, and minority business owners may contact Paula Utterback regarding opportunities affiliated with the HRBT expansion. Excavation will begin on the Norfolk side in the Spring or Summer of 2020.  The completion date is projected to be November 2025.

Flyover– Olga Beltsar relayed information that the contractor has been put on notice.  The contractor has indicated the project will be completed on-time.  In addition, the quality of the asphalt will be fixed.  It was shared there is a financial incentive to on-time completion.  The bridge is not expected to be removed during this project.

Conservation committee – Jeremy Laws The league received $200,000 each year to purchase property.  There is a carry-over from last year, so the current balance is $400,000.  A list has been submitted to Housing and Redevelopment. The management of short-term rentals continues to be a concern.  Two properties managed/owned by the same person of concern are 810 WOV, and 1435 Little Bay.  The parking requirements have changed since originally built and are difficult to meet the requirements of today.  Planning commission has been notified of the concerns. Ted Drake was introduced.  He was in attendance representing Mr. Bloxom.

Flea Market update was provided by Ms. Lee Ann Ewell.  It will be on October 5th this year.  The rain date is October 6th.  Volunteers are needed for set-up at 5:30 AM and clean-up.  There are currently 26 of the 90 stalls rented.  She is calling previous participants who may not have checked the internet. The Salvation Army will be there between 2 and 4 to pick up donations. The civic league will have a table.  They will have t-shirts and zip-up hoodies. Advertising in the paper has increased exponentially.  Thus, advertisement will only be in Friday, Saturday, and Sunday papers from now until the Flea Market.  The cost of advertising is $350. Food trucks were considered but charge a fee for participating, thus, they will not be included.

Comments from the audience Recycling and trash are frequently left out too long when renters are vacating the property. Beach closures need to be shared through the Norfolk cares app.  Don Musacchio indicated he would reach out and request that it be added. An update is needed on the breakwaters.  An update will be provided at a future meeting. The fence at the Willoughby boat ramp is often submerged during high tide, creating a hazard for boaters unfamiliar with the area.  This will be shared with Parks and Recreation.

Future Meetings – Who would you like to have present? Mayor City Council members regarding the policing of Air BnBs. Director of HR tax – How is the money being spent?  What improvements will be made at 4th view? Project manager of Flyover Department that oversees/runs the Lime scooters – What are the regulations?

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00.