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Willoughby Civic League
Minutes of meeting 10/14/21

Meeting began on time at 7:00pm
We have a new CRO – Joshua Irizarry, who has been in the OV area for the past 3.5 years.  There were 5 reports between Sept 1 and Sept 30, 2 were larcenies, 2 2 regarding catalytic converter theft and 1 regarding missing items from a home. Officer informed us that there are metal plates you can install on your vehicle to prevent the theft of catalytic converters, they are inexpensive and will solve the issue. As always, the officers encourage reporting ANY suspicious activity or ANY knowledge of crime, wrongdoing, etc. REPORT! REPORT! REPORT!
Additionally, Don Musacchio asked if there could be consideration toward monitoring speeders along WOV between the hours 6-8am. Many have stories of massive speeding while waiting for school buses, riding their bikes, etc.

While it may be 2 years down the road, there will be a new alternative to Cox internet.  A new company – Metronet- is surfacing. Be on the lookout!

Martin Thomas spoke about the  objection filed with regard to oyster beds, and said it was received but would take time to review as the have 200+ objection applications on file.

Much discussion regarding the decades long battle over the dumpster at 1208 WOV. Norman Grefe- Sr Environmental health Manager was on hand to update. The new deadline for corrective action is Nov 13. A number of the local neighbors are requesting a face-to-face with Martin, Norman, & the property manager and other city officials after the deadline to review success or failure of corrective action.

Joy Kirch-Kelling (Norfolk City Planner) discussed the new definition of ‘Inns” a it applies to length of stay visitors in our local properties. They are NOT considered ‘short term rentals’ and have separate requirements and restrictions. Please request handout distributed at the meeting for further clarification. These are more popular within historic neighborhoods. That being said, its likely they will increase in popularity with beach areas, and while Willoughby does not have any upcoming “Inns”, it is likely to happen in the future.

Seth, with Tesseract Property Management, was on hand to share more information of their success and future interest in rehabilitating older multi family structures and managing them to upscale tenants. They were highly complimented by some of our members who live close to their properties and said they are extremely responsive to any concerns. to see how they are beautifying older properties, drive by one of the 3 they’ve recently remodeled. 
1293 WOV
639 WOV
1075 WOV  (there will be an open house for this property on Oct 21st @ 2pm)

Ron Bezad is Willoughby’s new Code Enforcement committee chairperson. He’s looking for people to help report violations to the Norfolk Cares website. You will NOT be addressing people personally,  merely taking notes & pictures and posting them on the Norfolk Cares website. Please offer to assist if you are able.

Lea Ann Ewell reported on the very successful flea market this past weekend, with spaces sold out! We also had our first food truck, Gavin Dishes, at the event and they were sold out by pm. The event is our biggest fundraiser and  we netted $848.00.  The next flea market is tentatively scheduled for October 15, 2022.

We will host our own Ocean View Elementary ‘angel tree’ again this year on December 11. This event allows Willoughby residents to provide items for families/children with specific items they want or need during the holidays. Last year, generous donors from the Willoughby community, supported and helped 14 families with approx. 30 children. Please consider donating items from their list or making a monetary donation. More info will be emailed as soon as we have the lists from the school.

Richard Hahn, a longtime resident, has reached out to Norfolk Cares, members of City Council, & city dept heads in the past asking for help in cleaning up, beautifying, and addressing concerns in our area to no avail. He has now reached out to our local civic leagues (Pinewell, Cottage Line, etc) to band together to create a list of initiatives for our Council member’s consideration in budget planning. Mr Hahn has a presentation outlining 3 major issues needing to be addressed within the Willoughby & OV communities. Reach out to him for more information and his PDF outlining the issues @ [email protected].

Stephen Leaman reported on the ongoing efforts to keep the 4th View on/off ramps clean. He stated an avg of 60 lbs of trash & debris are recovered every weekend. 

A new law beginning July 1st makes it unlawful to knowingly release balloons into the air.  A $50 fine is associated with the same.
Stephen is requesting & encouraging us to stand behind a new initiative discouraging the use of plastic bags as used at retail stores. Stephen asked for support by way of letters, etc when the time comes.  There was a unanimous show of support.

The next WCL meeting date may be changed for the month of November, as it will be Veteran’s Day. Please watch for email when date is determined.