December 2020

Willoughby Civic League General Meeting

Meeting Minutes
12/10 2020
Meeting began at 7:05

Police stats

  • 2 larceny from auto
  • 2 larceny – package thefts
  • 3 burglary – non-related

Holiday season typically increases these types of crimes. Requested speed enforcement – they gave out 35 tickets last week; they will be doing this periodically each week Flagpole has been completed.  The modification has caused a problem with the flag being able to be raised.  Once it is fixed, the flag will be raised. Derelict Properties – 90-day limit will be reached next week for first three

  • 9638 13th View St
  • 1238 Little Bay Ave
  • 1439 Bayville St

1549 Chela Ave – awaiting summons from court to begin 90-day count; has a tag that says scheduled for demolition 1208 and corner of 11th View were bought NRHA and sold to developers.  Demolition should start after the first of the year. Dr. Adale Martin – no decision has been made regarding transition to in-person learning for NPS students.  There are three options up for discussion.  Email any comments.  One plan is to bring back SPED Self-contained students as soon as safe.  The original plan was to wait until all health metrics indicators were in the green, but data currently indicates students could return safely with metrics at the moderate levels.  Budget discussion will also be discussed at the next board meeting.  Bring the legislator to school event was held virtually this year.  Each member was assigned to a virtual classroom.  Dr. Martin stated she was impressed with the questions from the students and observed good lessons and good learning going on virtually. Pledges have been made for student holiday drive. Bob provided a budget update.  We made the annual contributions to the usual four organizations. [email protected]