October 2020

Willoughby Civic League General Meeting

Minutes 10/15/2020

Meeting began at 6:36 with approximately 15 participants.

Beginning next week, there will be temporary road closures at the flyover 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

First two weeks of November, repaving will begin and delays in the area are anticipated. There are four identified derelict properties in the area.  Once identified, the owner has 90 days to submit a work plan to bring the property into compliance.  An engineer report is required for fire and structural safety.  There is a six-month timeline for the work to be complete.  If the owner does not respond within the 90 days, they will be summoned into court.

Mayor’s advisory committee meeting discussed the sand replenishment. 12th View to 9th View is slated to have sand replenished.  Since there is work on Thimble Sholes, the sand may be moved provided funding is available. NHRA purchased two properties and began accepting bids.  They received multiple bids and are going through them now.  Late Spring or early Summer construction may begin.  In addition, NHRA approved the request for WCL to have funds to purchase properties. Council Martin Thomas attended but was unable to make full report.  The short term rental policy has been updated to 2.0, but will be continually updated as the situation evolves.

Jeremy Sharp provided a brief summary on the state of the program on short term rentals.  There are 400 – 600 consistent active operations.  Zoning violations are not sufficient.  30 days for appeal, then 10 days for appeal, then up to 60 days for summons.  In the meantime, the owner continues to rent the building.  Amendments to the program approved are civil penalties for noncompliance, modifying standards citywide to reflect standard conditions, adjusting OV/W standards a) reduce the number of by-right bedrooms from 5 to 3 b) reduce the parking burden on 1 – 3 bedroom operations, add a CUP option to request reduced parking d) slightly expand the definition of homestay. 4 – 9 units will require a CUP, 10+ units are not permitted in OV/W.

Questions from those in attendance were answered.

Paula Miller provided an update on the HRBT expansion project.  She encouraged everyone to follow @HRBTEXPANSION and on Facebook HRBT Expansion Project.  Suzy requested the President of WCL be invited to attend to the next meeting on the project.  Paula stated he is on the waiting list.  She will try to get him included.

Currently there are one-lane west-bound closures at night on the bridge to add power lines for the TBM.  They are working with the Navy to add a visitors center for citizens or guest to learn about the project.  The contractor is required to have a public meeting prior to work being started.  They are currently waiting on feedback regarding whether to hold it in-person or virtually.  She shared her contact information [email protected].

Questions from those in attendance were answered.

The decision to keep the 15th View ramp open is not related to the project. A new power station is going in near the Willoughby Inn at the circle. Dr. Adale Martin, chair of the school board, spoke to the group.  Virtual instruction has been going extremely well.  Safety is a top priority for NPS.  The vote was postponed due to additional questions which needed answered before the vote.  If they do vote to go back, it will be in a phased format with an A group and a B group.  Wednesday will be asynchronous for both groups.  First groups would be Pk-3, ELL, and SPED.  Every child has a Chromebook and hot-spots were provided to those who needed it.  Meals are being delivered for students also.