February 2021

Willoughby Civic League General Meeting

Willoughby Civic League 02/11/2021
Meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM.

200 block is having issued with sand replenishment.  In November, there will be replenishment from OV Park to the 600 block when they clear the channel.  The city is responsible for cost to put sand on the beach. Meeting with 13th View gate with VDOT and Police, the remedy was decided to put jersey walls between entrance and exit ramps. We received a response regarding the sound walls and we are looking for responses from additional questions.  They did not agree to delay it until we have had time to review. Additional short-term rental applications have come in.  They are being considered based on the questions.

  • 639 application will not be opposed.
  • Crime stats since last month were shared.  1 assault, 2 burglaries, 8 larcenies, 2 stolen vehicles.
  • Derelict properties updates: 2 properties at corner of 13th view and Little Bay – owner did not respond so the demolition process has begun
    1459 Bayville – demolition process has begun
  • Bob will follow-up to determine what exactly “demolition property has begun” entails.
  • Civic League email informed us the 639 W Ocean View property is going to the planning commission on March 25th.

There is not yet a cap on the number of short-term rentals (air Bnb) allowed in Willoughby.  There has been a concern shared with the city and other areas are also concerned. There are a large number of legal short-term rentals in addition to a substantial number of unapproved properties.  Owners begin the renovations before seeking approval. Proposal that WCL oppose any application by a non-owner. Also concern that many properties are owned by the same company, Tesseract, and thus, if they get into financial trouble, there will be a lot of properties with concerns.  Also, there is belief some derelict properties are avoiding demolition by flipping it among friends. If neighbors need assistance with the on-line platform, please reach out to the board and someone will assist them with using the technology or with calling in to the meeting.

Fish fry is postponed, but the Fall Flea Market is still on the table pending COVID restrictions. 125 members currently. Civic league meeting sign may be redesigned with Zoom information.  Suggestion to put it on Next Door app in the Willoughby Spit group. $4700 in the bank currently.
New order for Willoughby item was placed today. 1280 W. OV has two short-term rentals that the manager does.  There are 4 properties with different addresses.  Where he wants to put his 6-plex he is unable to, so he is back to the drawing board. 1273 is a 5-bedroom 2 bath, but owner is claiming it is a 4 bedroom.  City has not approved since 5 bedroom has different requirements.

A person was seen going through garbage bags taking out mail.  He was cleaning up after himself, but it was unclear what he was doing.
9638 10th View Street has an illegal used car lot going.  Someone is purchasing from auction and parking on the street causing others to be unable to park.  Civic league will go to the CRO to see what the next steps are.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:39.