January 2021

Willoughby Civic League General Meeting

January 14, 2021
Meeting began at 7:08

Crime Stats

  • 1 stolen auto – keys were left in the vehicle
  • 1 burglary – known
  • Aggravated assault
  • Larceny from auto – windshield wipers stolen from auto
  • Continued request for speed enforcement on WOV
  • 9638 13th View and 1286 Little Bay – demolition notices expire tomorrow
  • 1459 Bayville – no change in ownership – expires tomorrow
  • 11th View property has been torn down and construction should begin in a couple months

Survey on sound walls – there have been some concerns, Bob and Don are working with city to let the position of the Civic League Closeness of the sound wall, relocate the 15th View off ramp will be at a blind curve, will it amplify the noise from the Osprey, will a 12-plex have 12 votes plus the owner, will it obstruct the view to the water If members want to send it immediately, you may want to add a comment that the civic league will share concerns of the community. Bobbie indicated she would like to be involved in the project and have knowledge of Email regarding expansion project will be sent to Helen to go out to everyone.

February 9th, virtual open house at the 2nd precinct for the civic leagues.  Please send questions to Don so he can be prepared. 201 W. OV – Richard Hahn is seeking to put two restaurants and seeking support.  Don gave him support of this enterprise. 639 W. OV – Brian Erhardt is doing work and wanted to share what is going on with the project.   There will be changes to the parking so visitors do not have to back into OV to exit the property.  They will have 24-hour security monitoring at all corners.  This is for flexible use rentals. Tesseract has plans for many projects and wants to work with the civic leagues to bring astatically pleasing buildings to the area.  Questions from the members were answered.

Trash cans on the beach are missing and people are putting their pet bags in the dispenser at 6th View.  Don will call about it.