November 2020

Willoughby Civic League General Meeting

Minutes November 12, 2020
Meeting began at 7:05 PM with 28 logged on participants.

Don reviewed the police reports.

  • 7 larcency on autos (license plates, stickers, etc)
  • 5 larceny from autos (bags, purses, etc.)
  • 2 burgularies
  • 5 larceny all others
  • 3 stolen vehicles
  • 1 shooting into a vehicle – doubts as to the information received by the police
  • 1 homicide 1003 Little Bay Ave – still under investigation

2 properties from our conservation list were purchased.  Builders have paid the earnest money deposit and are submitting plans for the property.  Construction should begin early next year.Thanks to Suzy and Paula Miller for arranging Don to be at the ground breaking ceremony for the HRBT.  Don spoke to the governor and the governor recommended we continue to talk to the representatives from HRBT.

Contributions to the local charities will continue.  Holy Trinity food pantry, Miles Methodist food pantry, __________ food pantry and For Kids.
The board shared that on Dec. 12 we will have a drive thru toy/clothing drop off at Ocean View Elementary.  Additional information will be coming via email with a list of items needed by the students at the school.  Contributors can enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate when dropping items.
1033 Little Bay – Conditional use permit was on the agenda today for house on Little Bay.  It did not pass.

Martin Thomas reported additional police will be allocated during rush hour in Willoughby.  City council will have a mini retreat this weekend to review the impact of COVID on the budget.  Reports for various city groups will be reviewed.  He shared the city has opened a couple new libraries.
Joe Lindsey has been appointed as a judge in Norfolk.  Councilwoman Angela (Superward 7) may run for the seat.  This would open up a seat on the city council.

Milling and paving on Tidewater Dr. and Ocean View Ave will continue through next week. Don asked about getting the flag back at the boat ramp.  Martin Thomas said he would look into it. Peter Bice asked about getting NorfolkCares to send out alerts when the beaches are closed.  Due to the construction, it was projected the beaches may be impacted. We have new volunteers who have offered to serve on the conservation committee.

Dr. Adale Martin shared that NPS will continue on-line learning.  The indicators to bring in students continues to be based on the core indicators from the VDH.  However, the board continues to discuss adjustments.  At this time, the students may return to school after the new year.
New districts will be drawn based on the census as usual each decade. Suzy thanked everyone for attending.  Don shared he spoke with the library, but they do not anticipate permitting face-to-face meetings in the near future.

Bob shared the finance.  Campostella Civic League asked to see the non-profit application to assist them with completing their application.
Tammy shared we have 101 members at this time.  She requested that anyone in the meeting submit their dues at this time.  Bob shared he had another 16 members who have submitted dues. Marilyn shared that the WCL shirts will be available at the drive through. Stephen Leaman shared a report from the environmental committee.  Everyone is doing a good job at this time.  He thanked everyone for their cooperation.

Request for email contact information for Air Bnb be placed on the Website and Facebook.  It was suggested that people submit the address of known Air Bnbs.