February 2020

Willoughby Civic League General Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:04 with the Pledge,

Prayer and Police Officer Weisansal reported on the stats in the area
18 incidents:

  • Multiple assaults
  • Two domestic incidents
  • Stolen vehicle
  • Multiple burgualrys

Events: 2nd Tuesday is the  Community Open House 2nd patrol division on Military Highway at 6:30 Officer Weisansal suggested citizens keep a record of everything they have which contains a serial number.  In the event of a theft, the serial number is entered into a national database. Citizens shared concerns about the illegal right turns at 4th View St. The beach patrol will being in early May.  A new schedule has been created so it does not pull the patrol from the area as frequently as it has in the past.

Olga Belstar shared the update on the Tidewater Drive flyover.  She also shared how to access the information on-line.  In April, the floyover will be closed.  https://www.norfolk.gov/4781/W-Ocean-View-Ave-Tidewater-Dr-Project  A request for a volunteer to oversee the poop bags was shared with the audience. A proposal for allow a continuous use permit for 1500 West Ocean View to begin an Air Bnb was proposed.  A motion was made and seconded.  It was passed unanimously.

Don shared the on-going concern regarding duck hunting near Toler Place.  At this point, it does not appear any agency will intervene.  Duck hunting off shore is legal as long as the person has the proper permit. The St. Paddy’s Day Parade committee has requested volunteers for parking, parade guidance, etc.  Contact https://norfolkvaparade.com/ for more information.

Tentative dates for Fish Fry is May 16th and Flea Market in October