January 2020

Willoughby Civic League General Meeting


Meeting called to order at 7:04 with the Pledge,

Prayer and Police
Officer Job reported on the stats in the area”
8 incidents:

  • 4 aggravated assaults with 2 arrest
  • 1 burglary
  • 1 larceny auto
  • 1 larceny building

Missed one Events: January 14th Community Open House 2nd patrol division on Military Highway at 6:30 (meet the Chief of Police). February 13th at 8:30 are Community Meetings.  They are the 2nd Tuesday of the month 600 block of WOV- things are going on and there is an increased police presence. Lt. Armstrong spoke about the 11:00 curfew for minors and that made us aware that if we contact Community Affairs in the 2nd precinct, they can do security checks and change light bulbs etc. for citizens.

Don gave a 4th View/Flyover report from Olga

  • -There will be increased traffic signal equipment. Signal heads will be covered until the intersection iOV complete
  • -Grating for WOV complete
  • -E-Blast will go out with updates.
  • -Flyover will be demolished in April of 2020
  • Tidewater will be closed at the Flyover for 4 week nights and a weekend
  • The intersection for new traffic pattern has to be completed by October 2020.

There are Conservation Committee vacancies.  Tim Brown is the committee chair see him if interested. Codes position is vacant because current person is moving out of Willoughby.  This person reports code violations and oversees coverage for the doggie poop stations along the beach.
(11th View station is down since the installation of the beach sign. Recycling presentation by Stephen Leaman from the Conservation Committee
-Norfolk has 70,000 tons of trash /year

  • 75% of it is recyclable and 25% of that is recycled
  •  Norfolk’s trash goes to Portsmouth to create reusable energy for the shipyard.

Blue Recycle Bins are picked up by TFC. They are collecting 8 things in the bins

  1. Aluminum beverage containers
  2. High density polyethylene #2 bottles (Laundry detergent bottles)
  3. Newspapers (Clean and dry)
  4. Mixed office paper ( Not paper towels)
  5. PETE # 1 single use clear plastic bottles (Water bottles with the caps off)
  6. Cardboard ( Clean corrugated)
  7. Steel cans (Clean soup, pet food etc. cans)
  8. Glass food and beverage containers (clean)

Hazardous Waste SPSA Norfolk Transfer Station 3136 Woodland Ave. From noon to 4pm Tuesday and Saturday

Norfolk Towing and recovery collects electronics and shreds paper 24 hours 7 days a week.  They are located at 1188-A Lance Rd. Tentative dates for Fish Fry is May 16th and Flea Market in October